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Rockets Stadium Field Use

Neenah Lacrosse Families and Friends:


Recently Neenah’s Girls Lacrosse Coach Wawiorka and I met with our new Athletic Director, Joshua Murnane, and were told that due to continued deteriorating field conditions and the current “unplayable surface” of Rocket Stadium, both Neenah Boys and Girls Lacrosse will only be allowed to play one regular season game each in Rocket Stadium.  Neenah Boys will also only be allowed one WLF Playoff game if we should earn the right to host a playoff game this season.  We have to fight this decision and we need your help!


The loss of Rocket Stadium for the season is very disturbing to both our staff and players.  It should be for you too.  For many years, the use of Rocket Stadium has been beneficial to Neenah Lacrosse’s growth and its standing as one of the top high school programs in the state of Wisconsin.  It truly saddens me that this decision was made by the NJSD and our Athletic office.  We have strived to be a strong and trusting member of the NJSD community and now it seems as though our willingness to be a partner has been ripped away.  The complete lack of respect this district has shown the lacrosse programs saddens me.  Our Boys program has contributed $5,000 to the stadium renovation and $1,000 to the weight room renovation. Yet the district refuses to invest money into correcting the field in a manner it should be. The field crew has worked diligently with limited resources applying band aids to a continuing problem.  While we respect all the work they have done we are now being punished because the district has decided to avoid true investment to appropriately maintain the field.    Clearly the Lacrosse programs have not been treated equally despite our more than 80 student athletes being active members of the student body and paying the same activities fees as the other sport programs.


We ALL know that the solution to this problem is a turf field.  But the district seems to find multiple reasons to say no to this and avoid any discussions about this topic.  We are one of the few large school districts in the state and the ONLY one in the bay valley area that does not have turf.  This is unfortunate for a district that claims to be a top tier school. The Rocket Stadium renovation program is in its 5th+ year and as a community we have seen little progress.  A new stadium box, a new sign and a new speaker system are all well and good but really aren’t worth much if your field can’t be played on!


We need to take action. We will be having a meeting, on Tuesday, December 5th @ 6:30PM in Room 128 at Neenah HS, (please enter thru Door 6) to discuss the course of action we would like to take.  At that time we will build a plan to take to the NJSD school board meeting and hold them accountable for their lack of support for our program. Neenah lacrosse has a strong tradition of OUTSTANDING student athletes and that tradition will continue in spite of the lack of support from the NJSD.


I for one want to see that continue for generations to come. It’s time to let our voices be heard in support of our student athletes and TOGETHER we can make that happen.



Paul Zielski                                                  Chad Wawiorka

Head Coach- Neenah Lacrosse                     Head Coach - Neenah Girl's Lacrosse



by posted 11/29/2017
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